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Services - Groupe EMD BATIMO
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Access to a wide selection of suppliers of goods and services in the construction industry allows our evaluation team to guarantee extremely competitive prices, even if your construction or renovation project includes high level components.
The transparency of our quotation process allows you to confidently accept the recommendations of our experts.


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Our construction and renovation expertise is at the heart of EMD Construction’s excellent reputation. Respecting the highest standards of construction and renovation in Quebec, our multidisciplinary team demonstrates its great passion every day through its numerous achievements. Whatever the size of your project, you can count on our solid expertise to efficiently carry out your projects.


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Among the many benefits of a turnkey service, performance ranks first. Since the customer deals only with one supplier for the design and execution of the project, the file management is much simpler. In addition, it is we assume most of the risks associated with the project. No matter what happens, we are responsible to complete the construction as agreed, on time and on budget.


By joining Batimo, you take advantage of our complete business network based on trust, respect and expertise. At every stage of your project – including funding – we’ll use all of our resources to offer you the best services, the best products and the best prices.



Our project management team will plan and execute the crucial steps to get your project done, giving you an unparalleled peace of mind. As a trustworthy partner, the manager assigned to your account ensures the quality of the work, the respect of the schedule and budget. He is always there to answer your questions, guide you and accompany you by giving priority to your complete satisfaction, at each stage of the project. In total transparency, you are informed at all times of the progress of the work on site and the close monitoring of negotiations, budgets and deadlines.